Vencislav Kanyov AKA Venci
— Bulgarian Guide —

Bulgarian Guide

About : Venci is an experienced guide, founder and leader of Samokov ENDURO team and also a track maker for many off-road and ENDURO events in Bulgaria such as the Bulgarian ENDURO championship. He has competed in over 40 races in Bulgaria and Greece.

An adventure trip organiser and GPS track maker for up to 500 off-road routes and various stunning scenic locations such as waterfalls, caves and huts.

Venci is a member of ENDURO Bulgaria group, and is known for his excellent survival skills and work performance under extreme pressure along with his great orientation skills.

Creator of 90% of the local hard ENDURO terrain near Samokov and secret paths for the highest peaks of Rila Mountain. Member of the Off-road Bulgaria 4x4, with great experience with 4x4 machines and repair skills under extreme circumstances.

Unique hiking skills and weather orientation, strength and endurance conditions due to his ex-soviet military serving with the lieutenant rank; graduated from military university.

Venci is a very well respected person from the locals and the community in Bulgaria.

Riding with Venci is a real pleasure, as a very stable and funny person you feel safe at any time and just enjoy the nature and the ride knowing he can provide advice and guide you in any situation.

Bikes owned: KTM 525

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