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A brief history of the Rido MX circuit and our 4 * hotel of choice, the Club-hotel Yanakiev.

MX Rido Circuit

When turning 16 years of age, the promising future violinist, George left the violin and took part in, organized and won his first motocross race with the special permission of the local police chief. During the years to follow Georgi Yanakiev - Senior became national champion in 125 cc and president of The Motor Sport Federation.

In 1977 George Yanakiev was the president of the Bulgarian Motor Sports Federation. In the spring of 1977 he travelled to Poland for the World Conferance for Motor Cross at that meeting France declared that they could not hold the 1979 World Motorcross Championships in France. At that meeting without communicating with anyone else back in communist Bulgaria George Yanakiev declared that Bulgaria would be able to hold the championships in 1979 in Samokov, Bulgaria.

In 1978 at the annual FIM meeting. He succeed to convince Mr. Rene Brunel - the then President of the FIM, that the small country such as Bulgaria could organize the World Championship as well.

In the spring of 1978 a contingency of officials came to visit the track in Samokov from the World Federation, they meet local officials from the government and visited the track. To there despair there was no track just a place where local riders practiced on there MZ's, nothing but a muddy barren land on the edge of a forrest.

The federation immediately said the championship would have to be placed to another country with the facilities. But George Yanakiev was not letting go and told them to give him a outline of what they needed, the specifications of the track and stadium and he would bet there position in the federation that it would be done.

The Mayor of Samokov and the sport society of Samokov plus the Motor Sport Federation, built the local MX race circuit "Rido" with a small building for VIP's and other infrastructure.

In the fall of 1978 there was another inspection and to there surprise a once barren field now hosted one of the best tracks in Europe and still is, officials area, stadium and pits with a infrastructure to cater for 400 riders.

The first World Championship in Motocross in Bulgaria was held during summer of 1979. Over 80 000 spectators were present. Live transmission of the event on National TV for the first time took place

At the end of 1979 George Yanakiev became president of BFAS (Bulgarian automobile sport federation) and director of the biggest and the best Bulgarian Rally "Zlatni piysazi". Later the Rally was renamed "Albena" and then "Rally Bulgaria".

Since 2001 Rally "Bulgaria" headquarters where in Borovets. In 2010 Yanakiev and his team succeeded to get the best world rally drivers in to the race in Borovets. Among them WRC legends such as: Loeb. Ogier, Solberg, Reikonen.

An the end of 2011 Yanakiev resigned from sports activities. The last Rally "Bulgaria" in Borovets took place 7 months after his sudden death.

George Yanakiev up to his death was member of FIA Rally Commission for more than 30 years, a coordinator of rallies for Central and Eastern Europe and Honorable Vice President of FIA

Club-hotel Yanakiev

The Hotel started construction by the family Yanakiev in June 2006 and was finished in December 2007.

Georgi Yanakiev-Senior wanted to leave something for his son and grandsons, and also to Borovets and to his native town Samokov. Something which will hopefully show the small contribution by the family in the development of motor sports in the country and especially to Samokov and Borovets.

In the hotel is a small family museum, just a glimpse into the Yanakiev amazing achievements and activities by with photos, trophies and other memorabilia.

The Hotel Yanakiev was to become the centre for the Bulgarian rally for both formal in informal meetings, Loeb and Elena won The WRC Rally "Bulgaria.

Club-hotel "Yanakiev" now is the centre for the Eco Rally (electric cars), a place for Basketball, Volleyball, football team training and of course snow sports!

The hotel is now under the directorship of his son Georgi Yanakiev-Junior the now hotel manager. He is ex rally driver several years national champion in Rally and Closed circle in class 1600 cm3. He is highly respected by the International sport community and FIA Presidents Jean Todt and Max Mosley.

As you can see from the above, this is why we chose this hotel above all the others. An amazing and rich sporting heritage and unrivalled facilities for the area and a passion for motorsport makes this hotel truly unique.

BBS Adventure - Bulgaria Motorcross MX holiday

Join us for the ride of your lives in Bulgaria's spiritual home of motocross. Moto Park Rido in the city of Samokov. Just 50 mins from Sofia international airport.

We transport your bike to Bulgaria, provide assistance / pit area and medical back up at the track. Full use of its facilities, half board accommodation and much more.

"Rido Samokov" The track was initially designed in 1978 and has held the Bulgarian national MX championships ever since. At an altitude of 950 meters above seas level, surrounded by the stunning Rila mountain range and a length of approx 3.5km it really does take some beating.

Click here for more info on the Bulgaria Motorcross MX holiday


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