Miroslav Hristov AKA Miro OR Biggy
— Bulgarian Guide —

Bulgarian Guide

About : Miroslav Hristov AKA Miro or Biggy is an experienced guide, known for his technical riding style with a hard ENDURO profile. Miro is an administrator and member of the biggest Bulgarian ENDURO community and leader and creator of the Racing team "Babachite ENDURO Bulgaria".

He has participated in over 20 racing events in Bulgaria and Greece such as the Bulgarian ENDURO championship with over a 500 racers. Creator of some pro-riders extreme tracks in Samokov for the Bulgarian ENDURO championships.

As well as the above, he is also trained in Brazilian Jujitsu and wrestling training skills.

A very communicative person; he graduated tourism university and knows five languages including Bulgarian, Greek, English, Albanian and Serbian.

He has an excellent working knowledge of GPS devices, brilliant orientation skills and is a great terrain reader. First-rate hill climbing abilities and skills whilst also having great technical knowledge of a bike.

Riding with Miro is always a pleasure. He is a very funny person and can take you to your limits. He is a very creative as both a person and a rider. You are guaranteed both a safe and extreme ride in one when travelling with Miro.

Bikes owned: SWM RS500

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