Guided Enduro riding tours in Bulgaria.

A guided Enduro motorcycle holiday in the epic Rila mountain range and around the great Samokov plain will astound and amaze you.

Endless wilderness and literally 1000's of miles of tracks and trails and more off-piste / off trail / off road riding in one week, than you could imagine. Deep forests, high altitude, ridiculous "widow maker" hill climbs and extreme downhill sections to test you and your bike. We have extreme terrain on our doorstep and lots of it.

Book on one of our guided motorcycle holidays to Bulgaria and let our expert mountain guides take you up and beyond what you ever dreamt possible.

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Package Tour Regulated


Expert Guides


Hectares of Open Access Land


No Bike licence Required

2017 April Bunkhouse Bike Shipping Tour

Camera - Mavik Drone and TomTom head cam
Location - Samokov and the Rila mountains
Suitability - All lighter bikes - full knobbly tires
Difficulty - Good ability trail riding skills

"I've ridden all over the world, This is the best trail riding holiday ever."

Steve Ireland - WOR Events

Bike Riden: Husqvarna FE250

2017 The Big One Tour

Camera - Drift Ghost HD
Location - Mountains Sapareva banya 3000 meter elevation
Suitability - Enduro bikes only.
Difficulty - High altitude, very tight and quite technical in parts.

"Biggest thanks to BBS for making this trip as good as it was. To all you off road enthusiasts out there this is a must the riding experience and the sights out there wow blew me away, I'm already booking another two trips out there for next year."

Alex Barrow - The Big One 30th Sept - 7th Oct 2017

Bike Riden: KTM 350 EXC F 6 Days

Bunk House Tour April 2017

Camera - Some cheap Chinese thing
Location - All over the tour Rila and Samokov
Suitability - Enduro bikes only.
Difficulty - Every terrain and difficulty level imaginable!

Bunk House Tour April 2017

Camera - Tom Tom
Location - Rila mountains, Samokov, Lake Iskar
Suitability - Enduro bikes only.
Difficulty - Technical in parts, fast in others.

"Bulgaria is a beautiful country with limitless riding up and down the wooded hills. No gates, no fences, no people just trail after trail after trail! The guides were expert riders with local knowledge to match- taking us to places we would not ride to on our own. The hotel is great with superb food and friendly staff. It was sad to pack our bikes after a week of what can only be described as "trail-riding heaven". I will most definitely be back to this wonderful place."

Christopher Vickers - Trail Riders Federation, Ribble Valley Trail Riders

Bike Riden: Beta RR 2T 300

Typically, even with the best views in the world, here is Scott and Dave (owner of BBS) Too engrossed in social networking to see the stunning views. Lol.. The climb to this area is beyond compare, many different routes to the top, some easy, some not so easy and some are frankly ridiculous. If you like any of the above, Book now!

This is a screen grab from my Drift HD ghost Camera, as our guide, Fury high fives me for getting so far up the hill on my CRF250X. The hill that went on for about 6 hours with differing grades of extreme. What a ride. Probably the ride of my life climbing to over 3000 meters. 12 hours total in the saddle. Photo from the "Big One" event in October.

This is Brian, the oldest and best rider of the hard enduro group. Veteran of Red bull Sea to Sky and Ezberg Rodeo He rode his KTM350 like a mountain goat, no terrain troubled him nothing was too much. This screen grab from the drone video overlooking Govedartsi with the Rila mountain range in the distance, fully off piste and having the enduro holiday of a lifetime.

A stunning screen grab from Steve Irelands Tom Tom helmet camera riding his Husqvarna FE 250 of Tony riding into the Govedartsi plain. The horses appeared from nowhere and soon went their own way. Possibly one of the best places I have ever ridden. Approximately 40 minutes off road from our base.

Andy riding his KTM Slovakia Six days fully off piste in the bracken and bush of the mountains. Andys riding improved dramatically over the week from quite an inexperienced rider to someone not scared to tackle almost any of the terrain and riding opportunities on offer.

Paul of a Bike Industries riding his little Husqvarna FE 250. A veteran at most of the UK's hard enduros and also a great sports bike rider who has ridden all over the world on many different motorcycle tours. Through the rocks near Borovets, Paul has now booked again for April 2018 and September 2018! Yes it's that good!

Time to relax. Captured at the top of one of the many climbs in the area, Great drone shot from Richie from Future Studios using his Mavic drone camera. Whatever you see in the photo... you can ride it, or try to! Limitless, endless off road enduro play conditions on our doorstep.

Yes, you can ride here and pretty much everywhere else you can see in the photo. You and your bike on the enduro riding holiday of your life. No licence required on our bike shipping tours. This shot taken in April 2017, snow on the tops of the Rila Mountains in the distance. With Steve Ireland of Wor Events and friends. Keep an eye on our page for a special WOR Tour in 2019!

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