SWM New Bike Day

Our newest additions to the fleet have arrived direct from Italy, in just one hour to put together after unloading and unboxing.

by BBS Adventures
SWM Motorcycles

SWM Motorcycle Bike Hire

Expertly maintained SWM RS 300 and 500 enduro models are set up and ready to ride on your trail riding holiday of a lifetime.

by BBS Adventures
Bike Hire

Why Bulgaria for a motorcycle trail riding holiday?

BBS Adventure: A Bulgarian trail-riding holiday is one full of hidden surprises. Challenge yourself with endless wide-open trails, tight single tracks; we have all the terrain on our doorstep.

by BBS Adventures

Responsible Travel, Tourism and the Environment

Employing more people in the world than any other, the tourism industry is the largest, and possibly one of the most important industries worldwide.

by BBS Adventures
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