BBS Adventures - Bike Loop Tours.

Loop tours are specialised off road motorcycle tours staying in different hand pick locations, from amazing mountain lodges to 5 * hotels.

Travelling down ancient ottoman highways, forests, to fully off piste mountain ridge rides. We have all the terrain and adventure you can imagine.

You and your own motorcycle will travelling through the best areas of this glorious country, don't want to use your bike? Why not rent one of our latest model SWM RS 300 R enduro bikes at no extra cost.

Each tour is expertly guided by our 3 mountain guides Venci, Fury and Biggy, with a support car to transport all your personal effects to the next fabulous location. So you can ride light and only carry what you need. We have big trail bike friendly off road routes to down right hardcore enduro loop routes, with more tours being added. Sign up now to be the first to know.

Photo #1

Ride with us, Just one of the many villages we ride through on your next off road motorcycle trip of a lifetime.

Photo #2

Venci our guide abusing Fury who as usual is chilling. These guides are incredible and will be the highlight of your trip, that and the riding of course!

Photo #3

Tim on his CCM GP 450 with very little off road experience loving the trails and Derek on his Husqvarna Fe 350 enjoying the endless trails for days on end. #thiscouldbeyou!

Photo #4

The gang of 6 riders from adventure bike warehouse having a brief rest in another great days off roading. Cheese sandwich anyone?

Photo #5

Gary, Adventure bike warehouse on his KTM 525 adventure beast in the forest.

Photo #6

Looking for the tea shop, out in Bulgaria the usual punctuation stops in a trail don't exist, gates, fences, tea rooms for a slice of cake are almost none existent. We go fully off the beaten track!

Photo #7

Bike line up selfie. Adventure bike warehouse team living the dream.

Photo #8

Do you like off road, nothing but endless trails, wilderness and wildlife? Your in the right place. Beautiful Bulgaria.

Each tour is for a minimum of 10 riders and includes:

* Fully licensed and insured Bulgaria transfers
* Return Bike and Gear Shipping from the UK - Lancashire or Bedford Drop off points
* Secure crated transport for your bikes. All bikes and kit insured during transport by UK underwriter.
* Rental bike option.
* Enduro or Trail Riding options for some tours - please see info
* Bulgarian Transfers
* Half board meals, based on a shared room (single supplement on request)
* Bulgaria best guides and instructors no 1 rated by BG Enduro.
* All guides are basic first aid trained and carry first aid kit
* Support car and driver to deliver your personal effects / spares to each new location

* Flights.
* Fuel.
* Insurance, both bike and personal.
* Bike.
* Common sense and team spirit, we cannot provide this but is essential for your safety and enjoyment.

All nationalities require a full passport that must be valid for the intended length of stay. It is your responsibility to have the correct personal documents and to obtain your own visa, if one is necessary, in accordance with the regulations of the country you are to visit. The information below is primarily for UK passport holders, and other nationalities should check with their travel agent or the relevant embassies. We are not responsible for the actions of local immigration and customs officials, whether at points of entry or otherwise, and any subsequent effects.

The national currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN), with an exchange rate of approximately 2.26 to the GBP (April 2018).

There are no banks or ATMs once you enter the mountains. There are ATM's and Banks in Samokov and Borovets and some major petrol stations. The Yanakiev Hotel that we use also has an ATM. There is a couple in the arrivals hall at Sofia Airport, but please note that the bank located within the arrivals hall is typically closed at the weekends, so if you plan to exchange cash please make sure you obtain Bulgarian Lev in your home country.

If ordering your Bulgarian currency, it is advisable to request the smaller denomination notes possible. Shops and restaurant in Bulgaria rarely have much in the way of small change and often refuse to accept larger denomination notes

Is readily availabe but if we stop at a petrol station it's best to top up before we head back up into the mountains. Prices are comparable to UK and the rest of Europe.

There are main bike dealers in Sofia and other major cities in Bulgaria. We will help you source the part needed and can also arrange to have the part delivered at you expense.

You must have personal accident cover that covers you for the activities you are about to undertake. ie riding a motorcycle off road, this must include full repatriation.

For your information!!

If travelling on a motorcycle holiday and you do not have a bike licence you MUST check and see if you are covered for your holiday in the event of an accident..

I have rung around many many insurance providers, none of whom I spoke to offer cover for people without a bike licence!!

Please read the information below, as it is the closest I have found to offer any sort of cover.

Please make sure if you are travelling with any company and this applies to you, call your holiday insurance provider and make sure you are covered!!

Navigator Travel Insurance Services Ltd

Our Motorcycle Silver or Motorcycle Gold policies will cover off-road leisure motorcycling as standard, and they will cover competitive riding, such as Motocross, at a supplement.

The wording on the policy document states that any insured must hold "appropriate qualifications" to be riding a similar sized machine in the UK or the Channel Islands. Many policies require the rider to hold an "appropriate licence" but these off-roading policies acknowledge that no licence is required to ride off-road in the UK.

In the event of a claim for an accident, the insurer would be looking for evidence that an unlicensed insured has experience in riding a similar sized bike in the UK. The evidence can take many forms and though it would be easier if it was documentary evidence, such as race card or race licence etc, if they are able to show their experience convincingly by other means, such as a website or Facebook page, photographs etc, that should suffice, as long as it shows that they have some experience.

A licensed rider would not need to supply any such evidence, as the fact that they are licensed to ride a bike of the same cc in the UK would be sufficient.

Navigator Travel Insurance Services Ltd
Tel : 0161 973 6435
Website :

Available Dates

Select From Available Dates

OR: Choose A Custom Date (Minimum of 10 Riders)

You MUST HAVE FULL health insurance that covers the activity you are doing that includes FULL repatriation cover. Make sure your next of kin has details should the worst happen.

We have used Properly Protected ». They cover almost anything at any level. Feel free to give them a call and see if they have cover that meets your needs.

Who ever you're insured with ring and check you are covered BEFORE YOU TRAVEL!

All though we recommend only road legal bikes are shipped, only if you venture onto tarmac you would be liable for prosecution.

You can ride ALL off road from our doorstep, so you can bring your un-registered Motocross/Trials/Enduro bike without any worries and stay off road all day.

Please make sure your bike is in a good working condition and fit for purpose. Moose and good off road knobblie tyres are definitely recommended.

You know your bikes better than we do. Please feel free to bring any specialist tools that could ruin your trip if your bike fails. Oil/filters in case you drop it in the water.

Wheel removal tools in case of puncture/moose failure.

Remember to list on the shipping inventory in the admin section of your booking page. (You will be sent the access details for the website upon booking.)

We currently have a Southern pickup/drop off point which is Bedford and a Northern pickup/drop off point which is Lancashire.

Upon delivering your bike to our pickup/drop off point you'll be asked to load it personally into our purpose-built cradles.

These are metal crates specifically designed to transport a motorcycle safely.

For your piece of mind, our trained drivers then check each cradle again before departure.

Our standard shipping cradle measures 230cm(L) x 100cm(W) x 125cm(H). Your bike must fit within this space to qualify for the small bike price.

If the bike is taller than 125cm you would have to pay the large bike price.

Most enduro and rally bikes fit no problem or can be made smaller very easily.

For all shipments bikes are required to be with us 2 weeks before your holiday is due to start.

Your bike will be returned to the UK 10/14 days after your holiday, usually much sooner.

To gain our prices we must ensure 2 bikes fit within the confines of one of our crates.

To do this we remove and secure the handle bars to one side, sometime we also use a smaller wheel on the front to lower the bike to under 125cm. Please be aware that all prices quoted are based on the above.

For most Enduro and MX bikes we only need to unclamp the handle bars. Larger bikes such as CCM GP 450, KTM 690 Enduro need a small front wheel for transportation.

Please see the photos in the gallery below to give you a better idea.

We can offer guided off road motorcycling holidays on any bike you choose. Trail bikes, Enduro bikes, Adventure or dual sports. IF you and your big BMW or Africa twin riders want the off road ride of your lives, we can help.

We need a group of 4 bikes to run a tour at the prices quoted, although we can do one on one tours or training at an extra cost.

Or we offer motorcycle transport only options. Arrive and ride. We can help with route planning and destinations. Just ask.

Choose Your Bike Loop Holiday

Here at BBS adventures we offer the unique opportunity to have your own motorcycle and rider gear etc. shipped to Bulgaria as part of your holiday package. Don't want to ship your own bike? Why not try our Bike Rental service, brand new SWM RS300 and SWM RS500 are available to hire.

It's your choice!!

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